How to use an effective color scheme in web designing?

Are you finding an effective coloring scheme for website designing? You should know that an attractive business website applies a specific combination of color to grasp the attention of traffic interest and boost conversion rates accordingly. Hence by applying color psychology on web designing the owners can increase their business sales successfully.

Things to be considered

We are here to help you choose the right color scheme strategy for your website designing. In this blog we will emphasize on color psychology used in web designing which describes its importance, how it helps in marketing and branding of products and services and how it helps in bringing convertible traffic on the website under the following headings:

  • Major Color Types And Their Indications.
  • Why To Emphasize On Color In Web Designing?
  • Website Colors versus Human emotions and feelings.
  • Audience Color Choices Matter.
  • Effective Website Designing using color palettes.

Let Us Learn More

1. Major Color types and their Indications.
Being colorful as a rainbow seems so beautiful and amazing. The fact that every single color has its own way of getting depicted need not ignored. VIBGYOR is an acronym to indicate 7 colors that are reflected as given below along with some important colors like Black, Brown, White Pink and Grey that are used in website designing:

  • Violet indicates imagination, compassion and sensitivity.
  • Indigo indicates mysterious, integrity, traditional and idealistic aspects.
  • Blue indicates promise, trust, transparency and communication.
  • Green indicates harmony, refreshment, rest, environment and peace.
  • Yellow indicates optimism, confidence, friendliness, happiness and self esteem.
  • Orange indicates comfort, security, adventure, independence, creativity and fun.
  • Red indicates excitement, energy and sensuality.
Black indicates sophistication, glamour and efficiency. Brown color indicates reliability, stability, honesty, comfort and neutral. White is used to indicate wisdom, transparency and peace. Pink color indicates love, playfulness and admiration. Grey indicates neutrality, conservative, formal, elegant, cool and quiet aspects.

2. Why to emphasize on colors in web designing?
A well designed website is a way to convey business policy, products and services information in an effective layout by using attractive and convincing color schemes. Traffic is the most important aspect to ensure profitable sales. Therefore influence your customer and use unique color codes to grab the attention of the user.

Since colors show significant effect on human response for a particular event it is used to connect with your potential customers. A perfect combination of color scheme should be followed to highlight the various content and important sections present on your website.

They can also connect with various pharmaceutical companies for better medicine availability and develop bonds with patients and pharmacists.

Use a correct and reliable color scheme that expresses your website visions or goals.

According to Color psychology the presence of colors stimulates activation of hypothalamus to produce certain human signals that drive some specific kinds of urge. It can be a strong urge to buy, food cravings and increased appetite, need to ensure freshness in life and lackness of equipment etc.

Hence, colors used in websites have a strong association with human psychology which should never be ignored.

3. Website Colors Versus Human emotions and feelings.
Focussing on the real fact that why most web designers ensure careful usage of color is that people actually make decisions based on the website color combination.The colors used in the website creates a strong impact on the customers responsiveness. Therefore a Cheerful website look provides a professional and convincing appeal to generate a positive response.

The pharmacist can save most of their time and reduce the working load by directly connecting with Doctors.For medicine delivery service there must be a feature of delivery tracking system. A company owner can keep a record of the demand and production limits and ensure a continuous stock of medicine information.

Websites related to food, entertainment, sports, fire protection, children products, emergency services and healthcare readily use the Red color to create urgency, stimulate motivation,draw attention, caution and encourage the audience. Yellow color on the website is used to create awareness, precautions, calms the mood. Always keep in mind overuse is not recommended.

Green dominated websites can be related to tourism, nature, agriculture, medicine and sciences to promote growth and development. Industries like High Tech, Banks, government, airlines, and legal authorities usually prefer Blue color to Inspire trust and suggest precision to stimulate productivity.

Black is used for comforting people with luxurious aspects and radiate authority. Grey is used in industrial websites to create a sense of composure and curiosity. Hence your website should reflect human emotions to connect with your customers as their friends and well wishers. you will target their interests and gain trust.

4. Audience color choices matter
I must say you will be on top if you take care of your customers color likability for better mutual understanding.The acceptance and rejection of the website depends on the type of color choices used in website presentation. Before application of specific coloring styles always know who your is and what are their color preferences and then begin respective web design.

You must know your target audience with their gender, age, profession and obviously the nature of your products and services. Whether to proceed or to click on the Back Button of the tab depends on the color impression made on your customer's mind. A simple, effective and right exploration in the world of influential color based marketing is responsible for brand recognition.

Usually bright and colorful items in shades of red yellow, light blue, light green and pink pink attract children of 4-6 years. Often pink is for girls and blue is for boys according to traditional notions. As we grow our color choices change, so let people engage with color customization for web designing if possible to please them by prioritizing their respective choices.

For companies their products and services are according to their brand. Females usually prefer yellow, blue and even purple on different occasions. Males find Black, NavyBlue and white as their preferences. Let people engage with color customization choices if possible to please them by prioritizing their respective choices.

5. Effective Website Designing using color palettes.
Your precise web designing with attractive color effects can influence your audiences, increase traffic, connect with customers, increase conversion rates and ultimately help boost your Business. Different sections of your website should be designed with catchy bright visible headings.

A perfect effective background to contrast your content will ensure visibility.You can use monochromatic and polychromatic effects with right color combinations in your website so that title bar, menu bar, beautiful and bright Call to action, all can participate in successful conversion. Hence experiment with different color combinations to design an effective website.

Make your online visitors focus on the website to each and every important section you want to show them. It's like guiding them to things you want to lead. Consequently making your customers aware about your content and business insights in a single shot so that they can easily contact you without any delay.

There are many color palettes, maybe countless. Web Designing is itself an art to glorify the business potential to achieve its topmost goal by presenting the contents in a modernized and updated way each time a feature is added. Therefore, color effects have a major role to play in website designing to convince your customer to make a favourable deal with you.


That's all we have discussed so far. I hope you have understood the color psychology and its effects so that you can utilize your skills in website designing, to be executed in the most effective and profitable manner. Always remember that for any website to be successful marketing, branding, promotion must trigger emotions, feelings and urges of the target audience.

Thank You so much for your kind consideration. If you have any doubts and query kindly contact us on the provided email address and phone number. We would love to help you choose the right strategy to promote your business website and support you throughout the process. We are eagerly waiting for you.

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