Industries that effectively used different color scheme on their website


n this blog I will be showing you the famous examples of websites from different fields. From this you will know about the meaning behind the colors schemes and styles they have used to increase the conversion rates and increased a mass traffic on their websites , thereby boost their sales. I will discuss 10 different color hues used by various industries be it related to food industry, wedding, healthcare, automobile, cosmetic, social networking sites etc.

The colors that I will discuss are given below :
  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Orange
  • Blue
  • Black
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Gray
  • Golden


1. Red
Red color indicates extreme levels of emotions and feelings be it a passion, excitement, energy, desire, courage, willpower, determination, vibrancy, radiance and sensuality in a positive sense.

The industries that effectively used the Red color scheme on their website are related to food, entertainment, sports, emergency service, ideas promotion and many more. Examples: Zomato, Sheroes, Pinterest, Bata

2. Yellow
Yellow color indicates optimism, happiness, confidence, enlightenment, friendliness, cheerfulness, creativity and sunshine. This color is very shiny and should be carefully used. The industries that effectively used Yellow color on their websites are related to food, sports, transportation, oil industry, social media and travel.Examples: Maggi, Snapchat, Think Moto, The Quint.

3. Green
Green color is a symbol of growth, harmony, fertility, kindness, productivity, safety, freshness, environment, balance, wealth and youthfulness. Industries related to environment, alternative energy, farming, entertainment, education, healthcare, Ayurveda and energy boosters etc effectively use Green color on their website. Examples: Garnier, agriculture cooperation, David, Zyduscadila.

4. Orange
Orange color indicates emotion, youth, strength, optimism, enthusiasm, creativity, and upliftment. Industries related to art, entertainment, food, sports, transportation, Ayurveda, education, communication etc effectively use Orange color schemes to decorate their websites. The use of Orange color shades represents the industrial brand, product and service to your customers in no time without any delay. Examples: Patanjali, Bitcoin, Anjanibooks, Bank Of Baroda.

5. Black
Black color indicates the power, sophistication, protection, elegance, discipline, control and authority. Industries like automobile, technology, luxurious items, fashion, jewellery, cosmetics, clothing etc effectively use Black color scheme to present their respective websites. Black color in all is decently well represented in any shade. Thus as represented in the image you can understand the competence of Black color. Examples: Nexa, Apple, Netflix

6 . Pink
Pink color is a symbol of love, compassion, femininity, playfulness, sympathy, kind, admiration, positivity and innocence. The industries that effectively use Pink color in their website designing are related to beauty, fashion, children products, woman products, gifts, furniture etc. Pink color is therefore a lovely representation of empowerment which attracts your respective customers targeted. Examples: Nykaa, Wed Me Good, Barbie Dolls.

7 . Purple
Purple color symbolizes luxury, royalty, nobility, fantasy, wisdom, compassion, depth of feeling or sensitivity and spirituality. Industries like food, cosmetics, clothing, jewellery, fashion, furniture, social media etc effectively used the Purple color scheme to showcase their brand, products and services from their website features designing. Examples: Cadbury chocolates, PhonePe, YourQuote.

8 . Gray
Gray color symbolizes knowledge, professionalism, maturity, sophistication, incredibility, practical and intellectual aspects. Industries which are related to manufacturing, automobiles, technology, accessories, electronics and factories etc can effectively use the Gray color scheme to design their website. Thus by experimenting with different shades of Gray color one can gain efficient increased profitable results. Examples:MyOwnBike, Egosum .

9 . Golden
Golden color indicates prestige, success, glamour, materialistic love, prosperity, knowledge and generosity. Industries like fashion, cosmetics, jewellery, antiques, traditional furniture, religion, art and wedding etc effectively use gold hues to display their authentic websites.Ultimately Golden color is very attractive and thereby makes your customers become permanent lovers. Examples: Pantene, Tanishq .


Thank you so much for your consideration. This is all we have to discuss about industrial color scheme technique by effectively observing their website designing features. I hope you all have learnt how differently color can be used to enhance the conversions from this precise blog. If you need any help regarding website designing Kindly contact Us on the provided email address and phone number

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