Does my business needs a website or web application?

Here is short and basic comparision about website and web application every business owner needs to know.

What is website?

A website is an informative set of interlinked or well related web pages all having the same domain name that represents the details of products and services, contact details, content and facts of an individual, organization or company in front of the visitors all over the world.
A website is Static Page to load content related to a searched keyword.

What is web application?

A web application is an interactive set of programs that offers a wide range of dynamic real time functions and editing options with continuous establishment of new features and services accessed by any browser.
A web application is a dymanic page where user can access remote data or load remote contents.

Business that needs websites

Businesses which needs to share their portfolios and offer basic services needs a website. Though the website will be more of a infomational website rather than interactive. Believing customer will give them a call once they need that service. Few examples for these are Consultation industry and Service industries.

Business that needs web applicaitons

Businesses which needs login to perform a task and also involve personal information to complete it. Though most of the startup tweak a normal business websites to a web application to make it more profitable. Saas is the best example of web application which involve people to purchase product or services just by interacting on website.

Comparative Study for website and web application

Here are various distinguishable points that can be focused upon the web and and web application distinct features:

  • Web Interaction
    A Website is informative with less or no interaction while a web application is informative as an interactive platform.

  • Static Website vs Dynamic Website
    A website is used to ensure online presence, educates the visitors, generate conversions and boost sales, create brand awareness, provide social proofs, promote and marketing,etc.
    Eg: Anteazo Technologies
    A web application is used to enhance user experience by offering two way communication, is easy to maintain and handle to complete work properly etc.
    Eg: Amazon.in

  • Sign up procejures
    A Website can be easily accessed by the worldwide public without registration while a web application services are offered to those who sign up for the particular information which is specifically designed for the user's interest.

  • Hosting
    A website can be hosted on a shared server making it more cost effective. A web application can also be hosted on a shared server at initial stages, most of the web application are prefered to be hosted on a dedicated cloud server.

  • Web Accessibility
    Website provides the same quality information that can only be viewed and read while in a web application the user can effectively edit and manipulate the content or maintain security of data.

  • Pricing:
    Pricing for a websites is a debate in India, Static 8 pager website development cost starts from Rs35000 to 100000 depending upon the type of development firm while Web application starts from 65000. It totally depends on the firm you are developing from.
    To know more about pricing for a website click here.

  • Website and Web Application inspirations
    BBC website, CNN website are some dynamic simple, Cadbury, Nestle website, Patanjali Website etc are static websites while social sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Drive, YouTube, Slack etc are examples of web based applications.

Which Website Does my business needs?

If you are looking to build an online presence, putting infomational blogs or content, listing product and services you should totally make a website. If you want your customer to login and purchase your product then make a web application.

Conclusion- Still Confused about the rightone!??

So far all the comparable portions have been discussed to make most probable effective device understanding of website and Web Application. We hope you get a clear cut idea of website and web based applications. If you have more comparative parameters Kindly comment in the comment box.

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